latakoo empowers video journalists and content creators who work for some of the world’s largest media companies to deliver video from wherever in the world they record it to television stations, production houses and broadcast hubs for distribution to millions.

The latakoo team understands the unparalleled power of visual storytelling, the unforgiving crucible of deadlines, and the transfer hurdles generated by a slot machine combo of video formats, hardware devices and Internet environments. …

We are so proud of you on your reception of a Women in Technology Futurist award from TVNewsCheck.

Publisher Kathy Haley discovered what we — your team — have known all along. Your vision of the future is matched by an unparalleled ability to get things done. Lots of people dream of the future. You build it.

The latakoo team — and all of latakoo’s clients — are lucky beyond measure to have you on our side. You have grit. You have a work ethic that never stops. …

Our marketing director was on the phone with a long-time customer recently. Toward the end of the chat, he told her, “We’ve been with latakoo many years and I have to say, you are constantly taking our feedback and making it better.”

One of our biggest goals at latakoo is to continually improve the service based on what we hear from you — our customer. This drive to improve latakoo applies first and foremost to the battery of transfer technologies deployed in our flight applications and cloud infrastructure. …

latakoo’s Flight application offers estimated time to send video.
Download the latest version, 6.3.15.

latakoo’s newest Flight application has a beta enhancement that many of our users need — a built-in tool that estimates the time it will take to upload a file to the latakoo cloud. This estimate is based on the uploader’s connection speed, hardware, file type and size. It is a big improvement for latakoo customers who send video on deadline. …

You’ve heard us say it before. Send video fast with latakoo.

Now, we can say send video fast with latakoo directly to Avid. latakoo is a certified solution for Avid’s platform. Read the press release.

Last year, Avid welcomed latakoo into its brand-new Alliance Partner Program and began a rigorous inspection of the latakoo-to-Avid integration. This created a feedback loop between their technology team and ours that spurred innovation and made certain that latakoo met Avid’s high standard for a rock-solid, robust solution that works perfectly within the Avid environment.

The result — Avid has certified the latakoo solution for…

The interview is one of the best parts of being a television reporter. You get to connect with another human being in an intimate yet precise conversation and if you do the job right — you get a magical sound bite and a character that breathes life into a story.

Unfortunately, capturing that golden sound bite takes time, which leads to one of the worst parts of television reporting — logging video. Converting a few minutes of interview to time-coded written words likely burns more time than you want to spend on the job. It can easily take five minutes…

Paul Adrian

latakoo CEO, former investigative journalist, believes that truthful information fuels democracy

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